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28 February 2008


Must be a Williams alumnus. Ironically one of the teams that has refused to participate in the NERFU All-Star program since it was resurrected 4 years ago.

Any chance of you writing another piece Kurt? You're the only "active" blog I know of where fellow ruggers can chime in with their thoughts on the US game. I will still continue to visit daily.

Yeah, I'm definitely missing Kurt's posts and the lengthy (and sometimes heated) discussions in the talkbacks.

Looking for a rugby blog fix, I went searching yesterday and stumbled upon this one. It appears to be a brand new blog (the first post was yesterday), so I guess only time will tell as to whether the author will keep with it. I seriously doubt that the author has Kurt's credentials, but it gives us another platform for discussion and a view from another perspective.


Thanks Friend. After Goff disabled "leave a comment" function on his site. We only have gainline as a sounding board. I will check out the blog link you provided.


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