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19 December 2007


Eagles invite Wasps to tour US
20 December 2007, 4:45 pm
By PA Sport

Wasps have been approached by USA Rugby to take part in a pre-season tour to Boston and New York in August next year.
The focus of the tour will be a triangular tournament featuring the USA national side, and a third yet-to-be-confirmed side.

Negotiations between Wasps and USA Rugby are currently taking place, with final confirmation of the tour and exact dates expected in the new year.

Very cool news indeed. I'm still pumped up about the Churchill Cup Triple Header in Chicago. I can't wait to see those games and now we get some news about the Wasps possibly coming to the US. I'm going to have to start working on my wife now. Good thing I put in some extra effort on her Christmas presents this year.

I really like the approach Boulder is taking with bringing in foreign clubs to get the Eagles more matches. At the same time show that rugby is commercially viable to the US public, sponsors, and overseas crowd.

Just read in a Game for Hooligans about Swords giving Ian Jones and Gary Whetton a rather torrid time in the lineout during their meeting in the 1991 World Cup, perhaps a harbinger of what was to be a disappointing World Cup for New Zealand. Cool to hear of any American giving an All Black a run for his money.

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