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25 October 2007


There is no question that the TMO has become a crutch for the officials. It seems there were a lot of calls to the TMO that could have (or should have) been handled on the field. That sort of indecision isn't good for the game.

"In praise of American referees -
It's fashionable to deride American referees as behind the times, but there may be some advantage to doing things the old-fashioned way. Match officials………."

That’s it! – That’s all the editorial is, then a rant about TMO’s and Officialdom.

To be blunt, Ed – you did the referees of the USA a huge injustice. Leading with a praise of American referees - you fail to understand the huge effort these individuals make. While professional leagues are thrown about, no concern has been given to the development of the referees. It has come down to individual LAU Referee societies to conduct their own development regimes. You mentioned nothing about American referees, and the hard work they do to make this game of yours work.

How dare you lead with “In praise of American referees”

Preach it, GungaDin. The national office and even bloggers on this site keep pushing growth however they are putting their heads in the sand when it comes to increasing the number of referees. Don't be disingenuous and praise US referees when you don't mean it.

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