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11 September 2007


Emerick is banned for 5 weeks. Not good for our boys.


RIP Dennis Storer.

The father of a good friend of mine played football on UCLA's offensive line in the late 60's and was recruited by Dennis Storer to play rugby. I'm paraphrasing, but to get him to play rugby, Storer apparently said something to effect of, "I'll give you the chance to tackle people AND run with the ball."

RIP, Mr. Storer. Your contributions were immense and as Kurt pointed out, it's a shame they weren't more widely adopted.

I was lucky enough to play for Dennis at UCLA. My first year in rugby and his last officially coaching. Go Bruins...

Shame that the current Bruin side can not even compete in their So Cal league, much less the national competition or develop national team candidate players.

Pure class TJ, what a troll you are. Do you mind we have Coach Storer's service before you begin again with your BS.

FredR - I assume you called me a troll without knowing the definition. I don't think you had in mind anything to do with singing or fishing, so you must have one of the following definitions in mind.

troll/troʊl/ [trohl] –noun
1.(in Scandinavian folklore) any of a race of supernatural beings, sometimes conceived as giants and sometimes as dwarfs, inhabiting caves or subterranean dwellings.

2.Slang. a person who lives or sleeps in a park or under a viaduct or bridge, as a bag lady or derelict.

Neither really applies. Is English your second language?

Did you not pay attention in class while you were at college? Or did you figure their stellar rugby program would land you a pro rugby contract that would set you up for life?

Perhaps you should have called me a boor, savage or barbarian, but not a troll.

Since you are most likely a shriveled little old man, and seem content guarding the treasure of the college varsity rugby myth, I will retort by calling you a gnome.

yellow cards, both of you!


Congrats on keeping up with modern times. Here's a hint:


here is the most ink that rugby will get in the LA Times this year:

I played for Coach Storer in 66 and 67. He was my introduction to rugby ; what he taught me provided the foundation for the enjoyment of the game of rugby for 40 years

I played for Coach Storer in 66 and 67. He was my introduction to rugby ; what he taught me provided the foundation for the enjoyment of the game of rugby for 40 years

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