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14 June 2007


Is coach Mcnamar or US Rugby going to be funding are way next year, or is this the rich kid all americans.

Where are all the Cal players ? I've no love for Cal but shouldn't the national champs have as many players on the all americans as the runners up whom they smashed in the finals ? Who at the college level plays break better than Cal's # 7 ? Seems like there may be a bit of nepotism on the part of Coach Smyth.


Don't pull Cal into this All American mess.

BYU has a good team they deserve every selection they recieved, if you don't think so, just schedule a match with them.

Yeah, leave Cal out of it...

USA Rugby has worked very hard at eliminating any people who come out of the closest thing to a rugby academy present within our borders.

As it is now, I see the steps backward, just looking for the ones forward...

I would pay to see Cal play the All-American team...

That would be fun.

Not as fun as Cal v. the Mens Super League Champions, but better than Cal v. regular college teams.


if you review the USA Rugby press release which isn't printed here, then you'll see that 8 cal players were selected as an all-american but few of those could make the touring squad due to scheduling conflicts like the NA4 which will have Cal's #7 and #8 starring for the hawks and falcons respctively.

Cal got more than any other team selected as an AA but they couldn't make themselves available to tour with the team.

I don't see nepotism in that.

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