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25 March 2014


Melville and Tolkin are horrible. Nothing new. Here is my take, the IRB has NM there to watch the cash register while others work on growing the game. There are no Americans at the cash register for a reason. The IRB are protecting their interest. The top flight college coaches saw that first hand and started VC.

Tolkin is a muppet and needs to go back to his old job of wiping the bottoms of those Jesuit kids back in NYC. Under his leadership the Eagles have been going backwards. Total loser.

Melville is just as bad, but not as dumb as Tolkin.

Old Boy Rugby knows the score. Keep the money flowing enough to point out that something was done, but low enough that American ambition doesn't take over. The home nation cronies got scared when Jack plunged his fingers in the rugby money pie and pulled out more than anyone else could at the time. If that was allowed to go unfettered, then the US would have a pro competition that would not only roll in the dough (and take portions of their market-share), but it would also be able to entice their best and brightest to play in a competition that pays more. Then they'd have to be changing eligibility regs and deal with law changes that might not meet their standards. And what about all those American collegiate athletes that do not go on to play professionally anywhere? Would they have a place to call home? What would happen if the Eagles had a team-full of Dan Lyles (or so the questions flew at that time)?

The US rugby community either needs a plan to effectively neuter Boulder or it needs to have someone with vision, direction, and ambition for the US NTs ready to take the seat after the RWC.

The Sleeping Giant is wary of The Sandman's presence.

Jack didn't plunge his fingers into any rugby money pie. Fox (Murdoch) was throwing rights money around like a sailor on leave in 1995 as a way of forcing union to go professional. Jack's role was to say thank you.

What a hilariously awful piece.

Georgia is not Tier 3 and beat Canada and Samoa in November. Did you notice we were the only team to beat them or were you too busy hiding like you always do whenever the Eagles have a good performance?

Uruguay unlikely to field its Montevideo XV? Wrong again. Their squad for the second leg has only one change, with that change being a reserve hooker staying in Uruguay for the birth of his child.

Where have Uruguayan officials openly worried about the country being in long term decline? Since 2012 they've been positive, especially with their new high performance center.

Evidence that the US is slipping toward Uruguay rather than a piss poor performance with some bizarre selections? Not so much if you actually watch the games or even look at the results of Tier 2 and 3 rugby on the whole.

Fact Checker
Will not debate your opinion, but the fact that we have over the last decade or 15 years gone from being dominate over certain Tier 2 and Tier 3 to not is the point. Why, are they better, we worse, what are they doing that we are not? If you choose to ignore the stats you position that your opinion is better than the article - without debating, just stick to the facts and go from there.

All of Tier 2 and 3 is improving. Georgia, in particular, have made big strides in the last 10 years. Canada has always been dominant over us, as have the PIs. Japan we've historically been a bit better than, but they now have a pro league which helps them naturalize players for their national team.

In the meantime, we've gone from losing to the Maori by 60 to losing by 10 largely with domestic players in a match that was very competitive and we've gone from losing by 70 to a British Isles side in a Lions year to losing by 3. That's significant progress.

I find it utterly bizarre that we're considered to be "sliding" into Tier 3 given those results and given that in 2002 we managed to not only lose to Uruguay but also to Chile.

For a Tier 2 country, it is amazing how ignorant so many people are about what is happening in international rugby outside the two big tournaments. One expects that from the big countries, who remain willfully ignorant as a mechanism for justifying their closed shop mentality, or from the laughably incompetent IRB.

As usual, be sure to use real email addresses.

On Uruguay's view of themselves: http://www.irb.com/mm/Audio/Home/TotalRugbyRadio/02/07/06/65/2070665_HI-AUD_English.mp3

None of the changes the fact that Tolkin is a complete failure and needs to go.

A tad bit melodramatic don't you think Kurt? One match against an opponent the Eagles have struggled against on the away fixture more than once and all of a sudden the Eagles are a tier three nation?

And it is interesting that Kurt loves to point to the international rankings yet he refers to Georgia as Tier 3 nation yet Georgia is two places higher in ranking than the US DESPITE the fact that the US beat them both in the US and in Georgia.

So I guess Georgia is a T3 nation when it is convenient to point to a perceived Eagles decline? Even when they are winning games?

Is it too much to hope for that Gainline could post Eagles players home club, hometown, college, height, weight and other key stats? USA Rugby is not up to the task.


Thanks. Good information. Any idea why USA Rugby would not want to share that information with each press release for the National Teams?

Latest Eagles roster contains links to each player's information. It would appear USA Rugby is actually doing a good job at providing player details and is not "shortchanging" the public as Kurt previously stated.


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