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27 January 2014


Any truth to the rumor that the 15s club final was moved from Glendale, CO (where it has been run very well for a number of years) to Madison, WI because USA Rugby is butthurt about Glendale's involvement in the PRP and the PRP's refusal to bend to USA's requirements?

It's a shame to move it from a city with a major hub airport that can be flown to directly and relatively inexpensively to another city that is more than two hours away from a major airport.

Strange, what were all of those matches being played in September, October, November in most of the country except the far west coast?

Anyone ever consider that Glendale didn't want the Finals after it pulled its team from D1?

Hey Kurt:

How many league games does a Club Team play in New Zealand? What about Wales?

In the past USA teams play 8-12 League Matches and Then 6-7 Playoff Matches if you reach the national finals.

English clubs play no less than 20 league matches + Cup Games their schedule is August-May in general and play through the disgusting wet and cold winter months.

Anyone else think there is no way Matt Hawkins is qualified to coach our sevens team? We are not ever going to beat Canada, not to mention make it to Rio, with him and a bunch of guys just happy to be "jelling". Us-defeat Spain.

In comparison, the the neighbors to the North played smart, tough and courageous while missing their two best players. Them-defeat Samoa.

It seems the PRP is a direct report card on the leadership abilities of USAr. These are some of the best clubs in America now telling USAr to hit the road. Not just the college's anymore now its the top clubs.

The unanswered question is does the USAr Board of Director discuss how badly this is going for the organization. Do they get they're leading an epic fail?

Oh Canada

I think Hawkins is qualified as his systems and game plan were effective enough to keep within a converted try of ARG and FRA last weekend and potentially entering big boy bracket on Sunday. Ego might be what's keeping him and team from going to next level. It was rumored that when he played under AC, he didnt have much patience for newbie crossovers that were brought in. Our corps players (Test, Edwards, Niua, Thompson, Durotolo) are only good in enough to keep us hovering in 12-15th place. It is clear that King of All Crossovers, Isles, is head and shoulders above the world's elite in terms of speed. With a year's development he's shown added tools to his game. He's got a long way to being on Cecil Afrika or Bronco DuPreez level but he's closer than most on current US squad. It will take US crossover athleticism to match rest of the world's elite at the sport. The IRB and rest of the world know that to be the case. It would be great if our own coach did too....

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