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22 January 2013


Whats this I hear about the real possibility of a bunch of college conferences breaking away from USAR competitions and doing their own thing? I heard that it will be 15's in the fall and 7's in the spring for over half the countries college teams.

2-1 its that stroker from West Point is behind it?

"breaking away from USAR" this is a good thing no matter what their plans are.

@Deano, 2009 called and it wants its rumor back.

You know how it is? You hear something more than once - its worth doing a little bit of fishing!

I hear ya. Are you saying that Pohlidal is renewing his effort to wholly break away from USAR? And that this is completely separate from the US College Rugby Association disaster of a few years ago?

Thatd be interesting. Especially since things seem to be going pretty well right now.

If it's "over half of the college teams", then saying RP is behind it is kind of silly...isn't that a majority? Shouldn't that be something to consider, whether that competitive calendar has value?

I don't think we've heard the last of collegiate conferences and teams looking at what USA Rugby actually provides for them...and I don't think RP is the driving force, which probably helps their cause.

Thanks for the input.
Quantifying it matters not, I just heard it was a bunch of teams. Not sure USAR will take any notice until they stop paying Cipp Dues, then they'll sit up and take note.

Telling JC that he has to play fifteens in the fall should be fun?

I don't think JC or any number of the best teams care about when USAR holds their events. USAR could decide their seasons however they want and nothing will change at most schools.

You are assuming that they can make the Varsity Cup. If they can then yes, USAR could self-destruct for all they care. But if it fails, well, then it might get interesting.

Not sure about the VC prospects for success, but its a reasonable idea considering USAr's messed up approach. If the VC doesn't work then something else will take its place. Its the American Way!

BTW, I don't think USAr is going away for college rugby, they will just continue to muddle along collecting dues and organizing (if you can refer to what they do as organizing) national competitions on rec fields with no stands, much less any of the other trapping of an event. If the teams want better events and competitions the Boulderetts aren't the answer.

I agree with RugbyMag the D1A college championship will be lucky to have 1000 spectators, down over 90%.

Actually, losing to Canada doesn't necessarily mean our 2014 summer tests will be affected by qualifying. The loser of that series will have a two match series against a South American country (Uruguay), and it will likely be in November as it was for the last RWC.

Now if we lose to Uruguay, that would most likely mean a match in summer 2014 against someone like South Korea.

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