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15 March 2012


Has USA Rugby got anything to do with this ACRL Sevens series?


Am I the only one that finds the rugby magazine website layout annoying? Half the time you click on a link and it is misleading and it is either a cut and paste from a team's website, or it is about the women's game with a headline that sounds promising if about men's rugby, or it is a subscriber link.

Guess it goes to show that when there is no competition who needs to provide good service.

Perhaps you should complain about it on that website. Neither writer has time to read this forum...js

Just don't go there anymore, and coaches don't talk to them.
They'll soon unlock those doors.

Great leadership at ACRL. Hopefully the other college conferences will do as well.

unreadable, I completely agree with you about RM. It is a poor site with does a poor editing job, which now wants to charge for the shite it produces. Grant Cole is wrong to believe the two main writers don't read GL and further wrong that comments here don't matter. Internet "hits" are important and I would rather voice my opinion here than give RM a visitor.

I think the writing on RM is horrible at times, and I have the same issues with the BS headlines that dont tell But people need to be a little understanding. They are the only people out there trying to provide a site like this to the American rugby community. And obviously they are struggling to find a way to make it actually worth all the time they put into it. We've seen them partner with USA 7s, they've tried subscription service before, their brand new monthly magazine fell through, they have spotty ads, etc. Id rather they exist then not so I think constructive criticism is in order unless they do something ridiculous. If they do something ridiculous then blast away.

"... dont tell people they are about to read a women's college article instead of a men's." Is what i meant to write.

OK some RM constructive comments.

1) Be journalist. Demand things like a budget and detailed financials from USAR. Hold high paying executives to real performance standards. We all get the media doesn't get a vote in the organization or can't hire and fire, but they can become a voice for truth. RM does not do this, they are not journalist, they should not charge a fee unless they becomes journalist.

2) Edit your stories before they are published. Misspellings and nonsensical copy is unprofessional for a fee based media site.

3) Service your customers. Give them what they want to read not what you want them to read, ie northwest girls rugby.

haha bingo. Im surprised RM hasnt tried to get any streaming up and running or highlights put together. An amateur was able to provide highlights of nearly every D1A match last year. How is it RM cant step up to do the same?

Im as big a critic of RM as anyone, but how would you want them to provide video highlights? Im not sure they'd even have access to the D1A video share site.

"colege rugby films" managed to do it somehow last year. http://cr-films.blogspot.com/

Let's see, I know RM probably doesnt know anyone involved in the D1A league, but maybe if they called around they could somehow reach someone who might be willing to grant them such access.

I would hope RM would have as much pull/know how as someone who seems to have done it as a hobby last year.

One: I think 7's in the fall is the way forward with college rugby. Call it Olympic rugby and let the colleges know they have potential Olympians in the making. We'll see how much the Northeast and Midwest hold fast against progress.

Two: Typos like this: "Mike MacDonald is still injuries..." Make me turn to RugbyMag less and less every week.

Does anyone have the terms of the 2012 exclusive 6 year agreement between USA Rugby & Gran Prix Entertainment?

It seems inappropriate at best that USA Rugby renews an exclusive deal with an entity that has launched nothing in 7 years, while USA Sevens, LLC has spent millions developing this market via the international and collegiate tournaments.

Where's MattD? I want him to admit RM can and should be providing highlights/video content.

Media Watch - I will now admit that they should be able to get access to the games, but who do you want over there to edit video and put into highlight form. Pat Clifton or Alex? Maybe they could find a bored college kid to do it. But I don't think RM has budget to bring on or pay someone to do that. Hence them trying to rape us for "premium access" which I do NOT do and will not do.

haha ok. That's all I was asking for. It is possible and it has been done. Idk how much time they really work on writing articles since they've already been accused of just reposting what other teams write. (I personally believe they probably spend a lot of time)

And yes, they could easily find a college intern or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 10 to edit these videos into highlights. Every college kid is looking for resume material, and for any student trying to get into film/video related business, producing content for a sports news wenbsite aint bad.

But they dont even need to do as much as the CRF did. How about just one match/week? One game highlight a week? That would be a good step towards actually providing something worth paying for.

Its a good idea to reach out to a college kid to see if he'd do it. But it wouldnt matter anyway. They'd put that on Premium access, and again, I wouldnt ever get a chance to see it. If they charged like their normal annual magazine price I'd think about it, but Im not paying some monthly fee to them.

Besides Gainline are there any alternatives to RM? I've liked Rugby America for awhile and I found This Is American Rugby to be pretty full of information recently.

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