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22 February 2012


University of British Columbia over St Mary's College 31-14.

21-7 at the half. UBC then scored two more unconverted tries in the second half followed by a converted St Mary's try at full time, 31-14.

Rugby Magazine reported the wrong score at 30-14.

Two good college teams.

The best part of the rugbymag story is it again mentions St Mary's having injuries. Have you ever read a story about St Mary's on rugbymag that didn't mention all the injuries St Mary's has. Every story, every year I swear.

No other team in US rugby has injuries? Only St Mary's? Could it be that all teams have players out and they still win or lose without the talk of injuries or the other rugbymag specialties...earlier season, or friendly?

I actually read a similar comment a while back and have noticed the same thing. No rugby team in the world is 100% after even their first training session. Maybe if the players stepping in for those injured had the pressure to perform as full members of the 1st team they would have less of a dropoff.

they read this stuff too and it does make a mental difference.

RugbyMag writes about whatever teams tell them, so apparently it's the St. Mary's coaching staff that can't stop talking about their injuries.

the r-mag quote was "Neither team fielded its best side as both were dealing with some injuries."....not nearly one sided as previous posts make it out to be....

Plus, St. Mary's beat Olympic 53-10 on Saturday. Both playing on Saturday would no doubt have some players sidelined with injuries, even minor ones.

Anyone familiar with Tim O'Brien knows the way he plays the media. St. Mary's is always wounded and always just pulling it together. He likes to present the team as a massive underdog from a small school. The reality is that they have a pipeline of Nor Cal talent (see http://www.stmarys-ca.edu/mens-rugby/roster) that keeps their program one of the best in the country. Small school or not.

Bad link. See http://www.stmarys-ca.edu/mens-rugby/roster

I'd say he's got the right strategy. it's the media (RM) that's got to see through the bs and report it the right way for the rugby public

Goff needs to worry about typos before he ventures into fact checking.

I agree with Nor Cal Fan. Programs would kill to have the types of recruits that St. Mary's gets year after year from the strong and long running HS programs in their back yard. Consider how reasonably priced it is for a private school particularly if you're an instate student.

Costs (2010 - 11)
Tuition and Fees: $13,630 (in-state); $25,023 (out-of-state)
Books: $1,000 (why so much?)
Room and Board: $10,250
Other Expenses: $2,800
Total Cost: $27,680 (in-state); $39,073 (out-of-state)

Compared to say Stanford:

Costs (2010 - 11):
Tuition and Fees: $40,172
Books: $1,485
Room and Board: $11,876
Other Expenses: $2,385
Total Cost: $55,918

or even Berkeley or any UC school:

Costs (2011 - 12):
Tuition and Fees: $12,834 (in-state); $35,712 (out-of-state)

and you can see they have a winning formula to keep kids playing rugby locally.

If you think $1,000 is a lot for books, you either
A.) haven't been in college for a while (making for an ironic screen name),
B.) didn't/don't go to that great of a school, or
C.) never bought your full allotment of assigned books

That wasn't my comment. I cut and pasted the info from the National Center for Educational Statistics website and that was a link to an explanation about the cost of college books.

I coach at a school with relatively high academic standards. I had a recruit who did not get into my school yet got a full academic scholarship to St. Mary's. I'd say they gave a pretty decent recruiting platform with their geography, academic standards, and program support.


Always fun to see people using the Gainline comments section as a ranting venue, and rarely actually commenting on the actual topic that was posted.

If you are a HS student in Nor Cal wanting to stay local and can not get into Stanford or one of the UC schools (Berkeley, Davis, San Fran, Merced), then your options are private schools (St. Mary's, USF, Fresno Pacific, Santa Clara) or Cal State schools (Chico, Fresno, East Bay, Sacramento, etc). Cal State schools are not very good. USF and Santa Clara are more difficult to get into than St Mary's, and cost much more:

Santa Clara Costs (2010 - 11):
Tuition and Fees: $37,368
Books: $1,620
Room and Board: $11,742
Other Expenses: $3,012
Total Cost: $53,742

USF Costs (2010 - 11):
Tuition and Fees: $36,380
Books: $1,500 (why so much?)
Room and Board: $11,990
Other Expenses: $3,600
Total Cost: $53,470

St. Mary's is in a sweet spot. Low cost private school with admission standards comparable to Cal State schools, but way better option, and a huge pool of talented HS rugby players.

@ Frothy: I suppose everyone is either in favor of the 4 referee zone officers or just don't care. If it helps identify and train better referees then I'm all for it.

If Santa Clara or USF had tuition and fees of $13,630 like St Mary's, you would see that local HS talent distributed to those schools too. Thus you would have 3 good D1-AA teams and not one excellent D1-A team.

This is the power of growing the game through youth and HS programs. When the day comes when 50 college programs have a pool of players like St. Mary's and Cal does, without having the stars align to make it happen, the college game will explode onto the national scene (i.e. broadcasters and sponsors).

Let's have at it...


what is the beef here with SMC? the tuition and standards don't match up with others in the area or that the campus just happens to be located in northern california with strong hs rugby programs? history lesson: 12 years ago the 60+ year OLD SMC rugby program was on the verge of collapse. hs kids would ignore the program if effort and ethic were not present. the national ranking results for the last 5 years is testament. regarding the r-mag article on cal, one word-PATHETIC.

Well done the committee I say...

"regarding the r-mag article on cal, one word-PATHETIC."

Decisions come with consequences. I had no problem with their decision to withdrawal, but you have to accept everything that comes with it.

Yep, likewise.
If Cal bully their way in then I would hope that several conferences withdraw from nationals - it would be turned into a huge joke if this was to happen.

Then those conferences should withdraw Cipp funding - what do they need to be paying that for with no nationals?

This would be a good competition for the Cal frosh-soph team.

JC has this covered. He'll get it done and another national championship banner will hang in Strawberry Canyon. Haters and whiners can take a seat, a back seat, to the best collegiate rugby program in the country.

Sounds like Cal is ducking some loaded competition this year; they couldn't play in the 3-weekend D1-A playoffs (where 2 of the rounds would likely be in Northern California, since the Quarters and Semis are points-based this year; the Final is in Utah), but they *can* play two weekends in D1-AA (where 1 round would likely be in Northern California, with the Final in Utah). One extra weekend really makes the difference?

And this 'players want to walk' nonsense is garbage. I would have skipped walking to play a D2 regional quarterfinal - i.e. the equivalent of a 'Round of 128.'

Yep Anon, considering rugby is the only reason a lot of the players on Cal's team would "walk" in the first place.

Bear Backer, there's no way theyre getting in. No chance whatsoever.

Again, good or bad decision, I think there's a good debate about it, JC and Cal need to accept the burdens that come with it. You dont get it both ways.

Shoot, I skipped walking to play in the Las Vegas Midnight 7s. My team took third place (got knocked out by Jason Raven and Fresno in the semis) and it was an epic weekend. The thought of dropping out of a top level rugby competition because playoffs interfered with a graduation ceremony is laughable.

I think there is a decent chance that the three person committee chosen to hear the grievance lets them in. Remember, these are USAR people who have no spine who are going to be selected. You think they have the balls to say no to the almighty JC?

I skipped walking so I could pack my U-Haul. I think that's a pathetic excuse. Any rugby player, or any sport's athletes, should want to represent their team on the field on any given day.

JC has this in the bag. Cal develops more Eagles than any other club, mens or college, in the country. Nigel knows the drill. It's a done.

No really, would the teams who are complaining not be willing to play against the freshman and sophomore Cal team? Dartmouth vs the Cal freshman?

The D1aa playoffs are in April. The final is in late May.

If they do allow Cal in, expect to see a few teams pulling out of nationals and refusing to pay Cipp dues in August.

Isn't refusing to pay dues what the colleges should be doing regardless of what Cal does or doesn't do?

Just saying -

Thats what I reckon but it appears I'm in the minority.

The D1AA final is the SAME weekend as the D1A final in the same location. JC is a JOKE!

The finals for both D1 and D1aa are on the weekend of May 19/20.

But to be fair, D1 also plays on the weekends May 5/6 and 12/13. The D1aa does not as they qualify for the 19/20 event on April 28/29.

Well Im not sure it would matter when the school walks... Apparently Cal is beating everyone with an all underclassmen team


1/21/2012 - California beat Santa Clara University, 83-7

"Eleven freshmen were among the all-underclassmen starting lineup in damp, gusty conditions, and the young Rugby Bears struggled at times to keep their shape."

Maybe the better/older Cal players get ready for the CRC and the young ones play in D1aa.

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