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21 December 2011


Wow, no negative comments or any for that matter!

Must be the Holiday Spirit...

Thanks for giving us this forum Kurt.

Happy Holidays Ruggers!

Cal Rugby: Out of the 2012 College Premier League: http://www.calbears.com/sports/m-rugby/spec-rel/122311aab.html

Gainline comments section meltdown in 3... 2... 1...

They are going to "contest the old d1 national championship". hahahah. sorry Davenport, Dartmouth, etc. Did you have your eyes on that? Sheeesh. what an EPIC failure this is.

What a joke. JC got the ball rolling for the CPD on the old ARN podcasts with Jeremy Ognall and Brian Lowe lapping up his every word. Now he puts what is probably the final dagger in it's back. CPD was DOA.


Merry Christmas to all.

Welcome Cal Rugby to a collegiate competition that everyone understands. Watch for a PAC 12 conference finally gain some true momentum - as it should have two years ago. PAC 12 games will routinely be on TV with the PAC 12 TV package.

Great news!

+1 Andy Richards, great news for college rugby

This is going to take some brain power to figure out if it's "Great News," and if so for who or even what. Usually consolidation is a good thing, and this will likely be the ultimate death nail to the previous attempt to consolidate college rugby.

This will fractionalize college rugby. But will it result in loss of leverage, or create a more marketable product with conference alignment? What does it say about the future of 7's? Did it just leapfrog 15's with Cal willing to sacrafice a CPD championship to better fund and prepare a 7's team?

These are all great questions.

One thing about the Pac-12 is that there is a big divide in quality. There's Cal, who will dominate everyone. Then there are the other that were in the CPD, all of whom are varying degrees of good. Then there's Stanford, USC and the Pacific Northwest schools, who themselves represent a fair variation in quality. (Not to mention that I don't see where the money is coming from to set up that Arizona-Wazu clash).

I really don't think that USC could hold Cal to a 200 point margin, which is at best a waste of time for everyone involved and at worst is physically dangerous. I like the idea of a Pac-12, but in practical terms I'm not sure if it is yet a viable idea.

college rugby is already "fractionalized". we have two college 7's national championships! we have teams in lau leagues and in college sport conferences.

it is good news for college rugby if a degree of independence from usar is desired. independence is more important than consolidation.

sounds like it is good news for olympic 7's. good news also for pac-10 xv rugby.

Great point about USC, they aren't even close to being ready for Pac 12 rugby. However, ask yourself if they will ever be if USC plays in the socal div 2 league. In the big picture of college athletics what is the socal div 2 league? My bet is the USC AD Pat Haden will want to improve overnight his team if there was a Pac 12 rugby competition. If it is on TV, they will want to be good.

That would be cool if you are right. What IS the plan for getting it on tv?

The PAC-12 announced in July that they are expanding the PAC-12 network to include Olympic sports that tradtionaly do not get much exposure. By dropping out of a USAR administered league, Cal will be able to negotiate their own TV contracts. Hopefully Cal will work with other PAC-12 programs to impove the quality of play across the conference. If CIPP dues are kept within the SBROs, college conferences and the new GUs, the development of rugby will be controlled at the regional level and not from Boulder. Of course, we need good people to step up and run the regions.

Brett Costain, once again your secession views are way off base. Do you know that SBRO'S are actually a part of USA Rugby, and that they send payments to USA rugby? It's designed to be run from a local level, that's the point! USAR is one step ahead of morons like you.

usar has never been a step ahead of anyone

Secession is not needed nr was it suggested. With recent reorganizations and proposed redistribution of CIPP funds, the power is shifting from the national level to the regional level. This is a good thing that should be exploited. USAR is the national governing body and recognized by the USOC. This won't change nor will USAR's ability to run decent events that will grow the game. USAR has failed with the Churchill Cup, Representative Rugby, CPD, and the National Sevens Championship. Looking for Boulder to improve is insane. With the new proposed CIPP arrangements, Conferences, GUs, and SBRO are much better positioned to have an impact on improving the game using CIPP money and local resources than Boulder. Jack Clark states that Cal expects to remain in good standing with USAR and local union but clearly Cal has very little confidence in USAR run competitions. Cal isn't holding their breath waiting for change in Boulder to achieve their goals.

You lemmings crack me up. Whatever JC says or does is great for collegiate rugby in your minds. When I said the CPD was premature, rushed in to place and poorly positioned to be a commercial venture you guys jumped all over me based on JC being some kind of god.

The PAC 12 ADs don't have rugby on their radar except at Cal. USC is in So Cal D1 and can't win a game and would have been relegated to D2 if the conference didn't have to have 7 teams per USA Rugby rules. The rest of the PAC 12 is mostly mediocre and will not be able to hang with Cal's second side.

The circus that is collegiate rugby goes on.

Some PR folks over at Cal are pulling out all the moves to try to underplay and bury this news. Drop the press release on the Friday before a holiday weekend is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Drive home the academic hardship angle is a tried and true sympathy play and making themselves the victim is just shameful. JC and Cal are the tail wagging the dog.

Todd Bell should not let Cal compete in the D1-AA because this is BS dropping out of a competition just a couple months before it kicks off. Most the teams in the Pacific Conference of Division 1A would have already submitted their travel requests, field requests and budgets to their university admins assuming Cal is in the competition. Now it all changes and those teams look amateur in the eyes of their campus administration.

JC and Cal are just too arrogant, selfish and reactionary to lead collegiate rugby forward. JC started the CPD and now he is killing it because he didn't get a cut of the funds from the final with BYU. What a joke! Cut them off from the rest of the collegiate rugby. They do more harm then good.

so what is Cal's angle here for dropping out?

do they have a beef w/ USAR, didnt get their way, so they use dropping out as leverage?

Hopefully this is the last straw and collegiate rugby moves on without Cal. They do more harm to the game then good.

When the CPD happened it allowed some conferences to get themselves set up and they have already partially split from USAR. They now run themselves outside of the TU/LAU rip off. The one thing USAR did provide still was a national championship, its the only reason some teams pay dues.

This move from JC will empower them even more. I see a complete split coming on where teams will no longer pay Cipp dues and just play their conferences and then arrange cross-conference bowl type games in May.

From the far outside I offer the following, some things changes, other things stay the same. Cal was good in my day 40 years ago and they are still good now. We bagged them about having football players, now they are bagged about...what? It doesn't matter. Rugby is a local game. Love it locally.

This is a positive for the growth of college rugby. The premier league did nothing for college rugby. Good move, Dartmouth, Tennessee, LSU, San Diego St and Cal. Play in your real conference to develop rugby.

get a life its christmas.

There are some on this blog that will go along with whatever JC does as a good thing for rugby. When he championed the CPD and some said it was not a good thing for the game because it was too big and not ready for prime time, you ripped those posts apart. Now JC craps all over the competition weeks before it kicks off and you guys think it is good for rugby. Get your mouth off the man's tailpipe and do some critical thinking for yourself.

After much reflection, and laced egg nog, i believe it is too early to tell if this departure will matter. Winning the CPD without Cal is still a legit National Championship. One team does not make a championship (sorry Dartmouth et al, I'm a west coast snob). If BYU also bails, then it is just too large of an asterisk to really impress me as a championship anymore.

If BYU stays, I think clubs will stay and potentially gravitate to the CPD. If BYU leaves also, the CPD will completely fail. I'm curious if BYU feels obligated to USAR for having changed the playoffs away from Sundays, or it follows the economic lead of Cal.

Kind of meaningless to worry how the dip will taste, if no one brings the chips.

If BYU left the premier competition like Cal has done, they would be vilified on this blog. Cal does it and it is some kind of mast stroke to elevate collegiate rugby. So many lemmings in this game of rugby hailing the alter of JC. The move was selfish and will not help collegiate rugby. JC started the CPD and after one year didn't get handed what he wanted and bailed. He is only out for Cal and his ego. The CPD was a bad idea from the start.

If I remember correctly the final generated around 100,000.00. Not having that money be reinvested is probably the root of discontent.

JC always has an eye on commercial viability. That is where he differs from most rugby admins. He's one of very very few that have built an actual product and he must protect it - that's his job. Not volunteer position. His actual way of paying bills.

If more had an eye on building a product than just winning games and on field concerns we'd be in a better place. A few others are really picking up the slack.

Oh and can anyone name one single person in charge of the cpd? One person who loast or gained from it's performance? This is the ultimate root of it's success/failure.

Several thoughts here...

1) The Q&A with Clark was excellent in it addressed every question which could be asked.

2) No question Clark championed the CPD. I also believe he brokered USARs involvement. We should remember however that many were calling for a college premier competition and suggesting that JC and Cal having won 20 national championships were for some reason blocking it. Clark got board and bang there is a sister college premier to the RSL. JC took shots for not calling for the CPD, then blamed for starting the CPD, now criticized for pulling out.

3) BYU isn't going anywhere, they will stay in the CPD. They didn't have anyone to play before it was created now they have a league of opponents which need to play them. They have been a big winner.

4) This notion that Clark "crapped" on the CPD isn't to be found in the release I read. Nor did he say a quarter of the negative things I read on GL about USAR. What was clear is that he know longer believes in the CPD as a direction and didn't think it was managed very well. I bet it would be hard to find a CPD coach who thinks otherwise.

5) Pac-12 looks like its coming. BYU v Cal as a real media event with lots of fans and profits looks certain. College 7's is gaining more and more momentum. Finally, did anyone else notice JC didn't mention K-town as a must on their schedule ;-)

1 - Questions were softballs from Cal PR team and released the Friday before a holiday week. Cowardly.

2 - He started it for sure and set it's high expectation to be a commercially viable competition as he rushed it into existence within months. Then dropped out after one year because he didn't get a pay day for winning the final.

3 - No kidding. BYU has integrity and will stay in the top competition where they are the most competitive team. Maybe Cal should take their behavior as an example of how to lead.

4 - You can bye JC's spin, but that doesn't mean the rest of the rugby community has to do the same. The CPD was one year in existence and Cal won it, but that wasn't enough. JC wanted the money from the venue. That's what pisses him off the most.

5 - Not sure anyone cares out side of a the 12 teams in the PAC. Good luck marketing that USC vs. Cal game where USC shows up with kits that don't match and a coach that doesn't know the players' names.

At the center of all drama around collegiate rugby is JC and Cal. I am sick of it.

BYU is in the WCC except football, which is independent. St. Mary's is in the WCC too.

@ CPDud

You are always taking shots at the CPD and Jack. You have been mad about the CPD forever. Mad because it happened, mad more teams didn't drop out, mad Cal did. Why don't you just go tell Jack personally, "I am sick of it"? I doubt he cares what you are sick of, hell I don't care and I don't know you. But really, you should tell him how you feel. We can tell this is really bothering you.

I do agree there is some drama around college rugby. That USA Rugby college 7's championship at A&M won't slow down USA7's and their Philly event. These new rugby conferences are popping up everywhere. How this effects USA Rugby's ability to collect dues should be interesting.

The premier league should never have been started. It is too expensive and excludes too many good teams. Bowling Green and Davenport could beat half of the CPD teams everytime they played. With Dartmouth, San Diego St, Tennessee and LSU out earlier, the comp has even less cred. After the CPD's top 6 teams there is nothing to the league. It is stupid to think there ever was a real national premier league.

I just read some of the comments over on rugmag as well as these here. I can't get my comments to post there so I will say it here.
The question which comes to mind is why does anyone care if Cal is in the premier league. Isn't it going to be a lot easier for some other team to win without Cal. Cal has won just about every national championship there is, why do people care.

If I read the interview correctly Cal wants to play all the good teams they are playing now and wants to play teams in other parts of the country they are currently not playing. They want to play other pac12 teams, so what?
I am missing the real complaint here. I would have thought yippy, some other team can finally win a national championship.

Ok, let's dissect this. First, some of the reasons given for dropping out are not the real reasons-can't play on weekends in May? Someone check the Cal baseball schedule from last year. They played all through May. Lacrosse teams in NCAA playoffs miss graduation all the time. That's part of being a varsity sport. Dropping back into D1-AA will not be an option for Cal for this year. The competition season has already started, and you can't drop down a level midway. 2012-2013 maybe, but Cal will not be playing for a national championship this year. I also, however, like JC suddenly saying he can cobble together a team to play in the D1-AA playoffs, since he was always rallying against the 2 day playoff weekends and that was one of the things he championed about the CPD. So make no mistake, this is about following the SCrC, Ivy League, and ACRL and trying to create a Pac-12 or similar conference that is outside of USAR. I think Jack thought that the CPD was going to be the competition that took college rugby forward, but then these other conferences formed using the CPD's creation as a springboard and JC now realizes that they are sitting in a much better position than the CPD. Cal can play BYU in a BCS style national championship game without USARs involvement and keep all taht profit between the schools. Add the possibility of the Pac-12 tv network picking up some rugby and it is a no-brainer. The way the dominoes fall on this will be quite interesting...

College Coach
Best post so far...

All very interesting developments but would this not be an issue for the NorCal college conference to decide if the will let Cal play for post season?

Maybe one small correction in reasoning "college coach".

Cal didn't say they can't play during those May dates, after all they did play...and beat Life, Utah and BYU during this period. What I read was they don't want to continue to play these three weekends in a row.

Now continue with your dissect.

Fair enough Hue. Which begs the question, why don't they want to play on these weekends? Do they value academics and graduation more than the baseball team? Perhaps. Do they think that teams like Life and BYU and Ark St are gaining quickly and they want tom avoid them? Doubtful, but perhaps. Especially given the approach used to building these teams-foreigners, older players, minimal academic standards. And the two day playoff weekend has always favored Cal, so why not go back to it.

I return to the basic premise of getting away from USAR and running your college league and the college game yourself.

The one question that I still can't figure out, however, is why JC turned over the reins of the CPD to USAR in the first place. He didn't have to, but he did.

Bravo should have a reality show about Cal rugby. The Real Coaches of Cal Rugby.

Look at the comments on the Rugby Mag posts about this news and look at the thumbs up amounts for the negative comments about Cal. The rugby community is sick of the drama and gamesmanship being played by the only program in the country that is 100 percent legit to be an NCAA sport. JC has lost his spell and people are just fed up with the drama that surrounds Cal.

The boys over at USA 7s must be furious with the timing of this announcement. Here we are on holiday break and all those college kids should be going door to door to sell the $9k in tickets that they are obligated to sell but instead they are on the internet reading and posting about Cal. Interesting times for rugby in the US, that's for sure.

USA Sevens could buy the rights to nationals and change it into a BCS type system!

Now that would make ya'll heads explode!

@ Embearassed

I visit GL most days, kind of an expert. It works like this. A dude comments here on GL then runs over and comments on RM, then runs back and comments here under a different name, then runs back to RM, then...

43 comments equals about 4 keyboard warriors along with another 10 more legit types. The keyboard warriors hate Clark or USAR or whoever is the favor of the day. Then they say, "look at all the negative comments".

Then there are souls like me that like to read all the negative stuff even knowing its the same 4 dudes.

A good old dose of what we call in Australia Tall Poppy!

For those of you who may not be familiar with this saying, Wikipedia describes the tall poppy syndrome as: “a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, cut down, or criticised because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers”.

Right or wrong, JC is seen as authority. Some individuals rail against authority because it gives those having it it the right to exercise power. Psychologically it feels good for the powerless to make anonymous critical comments. It is like a drug which allows them to be temporarily powerful.

This is the same reason Kevin Roberts is attacked on these comment boards.

Clinically speaking the authority types become accustom to the mud slinging and are less affected by the discourse, than say those offering the criticism. The powerless types often become quite emotional, even passionate in the process.

The process is recurring or cyclical largely because of its anonymous nature and the need to temporarily escape the reality of the powerless state.

I am not going to argue for or against a national championship, the NCAA does not think you have one unless 40 teams compete or more, so the CPD or Div 1 does not qualify in those terms.

Point however is, what has it gotten us? Do we have better college teams, better national team, more colleges trying to become one of the top 40, 50 or 100. Answer is no!

So what if Cal moves on, what in essence the nay sayers would say is they have been winning in an uneven playing field for years, and now when they leave they are spilling sour milk. Come on, don't make it about Cal, make it about what is or is not getting better about college rugby.

Conferences are a good thing, games where the best seek the best out is needed as they will add real value and dollars to the table. How many teams in the country can really afford a true schedule, not many.

Let's argue or debate that with Cal removing themselves they will begin a different chapter (how long who knows), but let's debate that and what others are doing. Why not the fury when Dartmouth, Tenn and others left after one year?

What about those teams like BYU who did not go to the 7's event when it was scheduled on Friday/Sat just for them? Let's talk about the role that USA Rugby is not playing, not mentoring or building programs or being transparent in their goals. Anyone seen a long term plan from Todd and his team that Nigel and the board have actually approved and are funding?

The powerless often feel helpless, totally ineffectual. They have a strong need for social welfare. It is this need that Cal's decision most offends. This plays out in the psychic of the helpless as being shrugged off, brushed aside. By Cal having their own plan, it is seen as willful disregard. Even though the withdrawal decision does not directly effect those making the majority of the critical comments, this fact cannot be separated from the overwhelming hurt of being treated as unworthy. They feel ignored.

The anatomy of achievement is not important to the downtrodden, they see Cal's success as only something which has trampled their own dreams. Cal rugby and Jack Clark are about fame and prosperity. In the minds of the downtrodden this success has oppressed them.

The Internet and its anonymity offers the defeatist a sanctuary. They feel their confidence restored by lashing out at threats, perceived or real. Their comments don't feel anonymous, they feel verbal, even physical as if they were face to face with their enemy.

With each post their struggle for personal respect leaps forward, they feel triumph, victory. If others join the cause they feel as if they were the leaders of a movement.

Broadly interpreted it is a topical relevance or "aboutness" which eludes the defeatist in most aspects of their life. In the strangest of ways, the anonymity of the Internet is a helpful release. Not all that pleasant for the Tall Poppy's, but sadly helpful.

Tall Poppy = Poppycock

College baseball teams play during every possible opportunity. Damn right they play during finals. They have 13 weeks, from mid-Feb through the end of May to play 50 plus games. It is an insane schedule. The college world series takes them through June. South Carolina the NCAA national champions were 55-14, 69 games in 17-18 weeks.

I hope the baseball example wasn't used because someone thinks this is what rugby should do.

BTW, the season is crammed into a tight window to help the teams in the east and midwest not be at a disadvantage because of their late spring. The top 8 seeds in the CWS were Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida St, Vanderbilt, Texas and Rice. Guess what, it isn't working. You aren't below the Mason Dixon Line or out west you ain't winning the CWS.

College baseball has a schedule rugby should run from.



I am confused. A year ago this blog was full of people saying the CPD was genius and JC was a god. Now that Cal dropped out at the 11th hour it was an OK idea and conferences are the path forward. What a bunch of clowns you guys are!

John Kirwan out as coach of Japan, Eddie Jones in.

So how long will it take for Kirwan to be announced as the next Eagles coach? We know he is the personal favorite of Kevin Roberts and was offered the job earlier but decided the JRFU to be preferable over USAR. He must have counted his blessings while watching the Scott Johnson meltdown.

But even with a reduced Eagles salary topped off with some KR cash, Kirwan might be the man.

What do these teams have in common?

Gentlemen of Aspen
KC Blues
Old Blues
St Louis
Santa Monica
Boston Wolfhounds

They are signed up and played in the RSL then changed their minds and dropped out. Even Life dropped out before dropping back in.

Now Cal, Dartmouth, LSU, Tennessee, San Diego St and Claremont changed their mind about the CPD. The world didn't stop turning. Relax.

To be fair "clown", the credit for playing rugby in sport conferences belongs to the ACC and SEC teams. The Pac10 has had a tourney at UCLA for several years and the BIG XII dates back even longer. The oldest must be the Ivy League rugby championship.

Nothing really new about sport conferences.


So the CPD is still the best way forward and Cal dropped out after the inaugural year and as the champion. Sounds like a good plan.

Ok, let's not use baseball and use lacrosse instead. NCAA playoff dates for D1 in 2012: May 12-13, May 19-20, May 26 and May 28. Haven't heard about UVA dropping out of D1 lacrosse because they are unwilling to play in May.

The academic excuse is a red herring. Rugby is a varsity sport at Cal and I know for a fact that all varsity athletes at Cal have access to tutors, and athletics department only lab/library and have a policy in place where student-athletes can make arrangements with their professors to reschedule finals if they conflict with the individual to compete. The schools that aren't varsity have the issue with finals NOT CAL!

@ Smoke Screen,

I just read your comment over on RM under the name Red Herring, I think you are clearly one of the multiple site, multiple name posters the guy calling himself Tall Poppy was profiling. God help you if he is at all correct.

I think it is safe to say, as I commented above, Cal can get time off for finals. They did it in 2011 and won the CPD. It now appears from sir Clark's Q&A they no longer want to do this. Hang them I say.

@ College Coach

I agree Lax is a better gage for rugby. In fact we should model college rugby after what college lacrosse has done and is doing. Just replicate everything and make it rugby's, with or without Dartmouth, Cal or LSU.

UVa last day of class is May 1, finals run between May 3-11. It is a good set up for the first round of NCAA's which begin on the 12-13th, other than the fact the post-season qualifiers must practice during the week of finals.

Competing after the class year is easier from an academic point, but more difficult in other ways (players losing housing is what is always talked about). Back to Cal, it said in the release they want to continue to play in the NBC event which is in June, so I don't think the issue is playing after classes end, it was playing during finals and graduation. As I said hang them!

But to come full circle, I agree this is only a small issue. I think when the asst AD and the alumni Chair all said it is not one thing it was several things, it is several things. I think JC regrets throwing in with USAR.

I think the most telling question was what is the schedule Cal wants to play, and it was Pac schools, ND, Navy and the big "well branded" schools of the MW and Southeast. This was the tip of the hand.

Love him or hate him, JC (I haven't figured out which one of the posts in this string is his...) is always looking for the next path.

If he makes a statement for moving one direction or another, he definitely has the good of collegiate rugby as an underlying theme, but make no mistake, Cal is his number one priority.

I think when he mentioned, and from there became the figurehead of, the CPD in the ARN podcast, his intent was to create a competition where Cal would be playing a schedule against teams that were trying to elevate their game and rise up to the level of Cal.

He did, however, think there was commercial promise/marketability in the league, if it materialized. That may have been the case (and some will tell you there is still money coming in for the CPD)...until 7s was voted into the Olympics and collegiate sevens became the "focus" of everyone.

Follow that up with seeing the collegiate conferences start to pop up and actually verge on becoming viable, he wants to make sure he's in from the ground up building of that type of a program.

No different than the B-Sky-B contract he fell into when at the helm of the Eagles. Had professionalism caught on in the states like it did elsewhere, the Eagles would have continued to have been self-funded.

My point is, I don't think it should be surprising that Cal is opting out of the CPD, to focus on building a marketable PAC-12. The underlying theme for JC has been that his rising tide will lift the ships, as teams try to improve to play at Cal's level...so whether he's doing that in the CPD, which is full of teams that are in the league, just because they want to say they're playing in Cal's league...and don't want to be left behind, or doing it in a PAC-12 that Joe Public can understand, isn't anything different than what he's done before.

What is slightly disappointing is that he went out of his way to point out the importance of the home and away versus UBC. Nothing marketable there...at all, so he's talking out both sides of his mouth.

Either way, unless the CPD finds commercial sponsorship, it was destined to fail...with or without Cal. Teams with the current level of school support cannot afford to play that kind of schedule.

Saying this as never having been a huge Jack Clark fan, I still don't think he should be vilified for taking this position, at this time, with the CPD.

JC gave the CPD one year to be able to line his pockets and USA Rugby, or whomever organized the 2011 CPD Final and controlled the money, didn't kick down to JC. He's mad and threw a temper tantrum. Unprofessional. Let's be honest JC has a fully funded, full time rugby program with a squad of 60+ hand picked athletes and he is building his legacy on defeating volunteers with a "come one come all" squad of recreational rugby players. The guy is living a lie.

Dude- you are making the Tall Poppy guy a prophet. Ease up on the Jesus stuff. I have read all this stuff, every comment and there isn't anyone suggesting Jack or anyone else is Jesus. What is wrong with you?

Cal v BYU is full on, stud on stud rugby. What is with the come one come all BS. ASU is a team full of well drilled South Africans. Life a well coached varsity team of scholarship athletes. Utah is full of talent which has beaten Cal not once but twice in 7's. What are you smoking?

JC was going to line his pockets in the CPD? WTF, USAR controls all money! He's mad, having a temper tantrum? He didn't sound mad to me in the interview, you sound mad, over the top crazy man mad.

I can't believe this has become so irrational that I am defending Jack, but come on, he is building his legacy on volunteers??? What legacy are you talking about and so afraid he is completing. Pulling out of the CPD, this is building his legacy?

Dude, get off your keyboard.


The Cal & JC apologists final appear!

The legacy is over a hundred All Americans, many many Eagles, pro's, national championships, fighting for varsity rugby, funding varsity rugby, AA coach, US player and coach. Not sure where the stepping on volunteers comes in.

Dude I am not anyones apologist. I do take exception to all the other teams being referred to as "come one come all", this isn't my team.


Can you elaborate on your recruiting? I know of very few collegiate teams that hand pick every player on their team, some as early as their freshman year in high school, which is what Cal does for nearly every of the 60+ players in their squad.

The only bit of truth I see in this press release from Cal is that Jack wasn't happy about not getting paid after the 2011 CPD final. The rest is PR spin.

Let me get this straight.

1) The premier collegiate rugby competition doesn't have the best team in the country involved.

2) The highest profile collegiate rugby event (CRC 7s on NBC) doesn't have the best rugby 7s teams in the competition.

Looks like a bright future.

That last post was actually pretty funny, sad but kind of funny.

I guess it will be interesting to see what UCLA and St. Mary's does now, do they stay or go-

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