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26 August 2010


This nonsense has got to stop. My favorite sport is being run by a bunch of blubbering idiots. All of you readers need to write your local congress memeber and in a positive and contstructive manner, encourage him to remove Nigel Melville and Kevin Roberts from their positions. Also, ask to have all detailed finiancial information released to the public, "AS WE PAY THEIR SALARY." I know this has been mentioned over and over. But I did, and I have receieved positive feedback from 2 of 3 board members here in the Midwest. Adrian Gannon and Kurt Weaver have both responeded and took my critiscm and ideas like men. Jeremiah Johnson. Not so much.


Article about College players dwindling in the age grade Soccer teams.

Seems that the Varsity Model is not the only/best way to go to develop test calibre players.

Yes to develop credibility, exposure and increase participation.

This emphasizes the need for daily training environments and residential academy structures.

Life U? National collegiate academy? Maybe we give 5 kids a year scholarships to Cal? I could think of worse things to spend our USA Dues on...

4 years at Cal would be WAY better than coming through the Age Grade "Pathway"

Wrote to my congress members in Marfu, didn't even get a reply!

I like that we are bringing more people like the ever present (perfect attendance award) and some of the folks from the West and Pacific into the picture.
Latham has presided over or been deputy over a union that has had dozens of employees come and go through the ranks. How is consistency fostered, moral grown, and advancement made with this kind of turnover. Bob Latham was kept on the board to serve the chairman Roberts for consistency sake, help guide him through the waters of USA Rugby. Merril was given the job as the nominations committee chair (Roberts, Merril, Melville and Joyce - can you believe it are the committee) to keep that consistency.
So I just figured out how consistency is fostered, work your angle and block the rest from having a chance - oh and do it at Merril's Norcal pad, remember a drunken night where the then new board members went to his house to debate Melville as Director of Rugby, but gave him both so they could go home the next day.
Great choice that has been, instead of two people or even 3 making 100K each we have a person who has taken 4 years to hire a college director, fantastic Bob, thanks for your consistent stewardship!

The jokers that run USA Rugby can't even get a new website up on time. This is the second time USA Rugby has made a mess of the website. I don't remember the details, but didn't Arnott spend a ton of money developing the membership portion of the site? In the end it was membership site with dozens of bugs and not easy to for members to use to pay CIPP and club dues. The website of USA Rugby is probably the best communication tool available, and it has been poor for years and a new one can't get completed. Joke.

You are correct on that Jokers. The CIPP system actually works pretty good. But of course they want us to be able to give them our money as seamless as possible. But the rest of the site is Shite. How they don't have a new site up and running yet is just another srike against this administration.

Please, can someone tell Brian Lowe that we don't give 2 $h1t$ about rugby league.
Stop flogging that dead horse!

Rugby league can have Brian Lowe (IQ). He is a worthless herpes sore on the rugby union landscape. He is incapable of writing rugby insights, so he instead insights vitriol by saying critical or vulgar things about lower level groups of the game to get a response. On top of it he gladly volunteers his podcast to rugby insiders with an agenda. Look for his next move to have Kevin Roberts or Mellvile on his podcast and verbally fellate them while they lie to the memberships. The guy should be working for Fox News. Total idiot.

I agree with you about Lowe, he has been exposed.

Funny you mention Fox News as being fake news. Is your fake news better?

If we, the peasants, continue throwing stones at one another, instead of seeing what is going on around us, we going to lose heaps more than just rugby.

It's time to take our Rugby back, for starters.

Unless you think the Economist, BBC, Frontline and PBS NewsHour are fake. Keep watching Glenn Beck you twit.

anon (1) not sure the soccer model described works for rugby, at least not in England. The premier has a limit of 4 non EU players and so they usually only have experienced non EU players in the squad. I think France and Italy dont have the same restrictions (thats why Emerick is/ was there.
Somethng that could be done is what reportedly happened for Chris Wyles in that USA rugby paid some of his salary at Saracens, then once he proved himslef they took him full time. This could be done with academies and our U-20/ AA players or even younger. In an academy they would get the structured coaching daily and would also get an education from a local university associated with the pro team. However, this would take and investment from USA Rugby into the age grade system. Something they have not deemed worthy up to now.

Political propaganda should be left out of this blog, but it does draw some parallel to the current state of affairs of our Rugby. How we get our information, where it originates from, and the agenda behind it should be known.

I don't watch any corporate/government subsidized television, because it is typically opaque, globalist, progressive perversion. But, sometimes I'll check in to see how stupid I would have become.

Sadly, we live in a socially engineered culture of corruption, and most aren't willing to admit they have been punked.

The truth will set you free...
You won't find that on the BBC...

Cheers mate, gotta take that ride...

RPR & BLS My fake news is better than both of yours...Stewart & Colbert are Gods...two opposing views Stewart (lib) and Colbert (con) telling us both sides of the issue... unbiased...its the way news reporting should be...ps anyone know where i can get some gold coins and freeze dryed food.

Curious on-looker.

If you think Colbert is conservative, then the joke is on you.

This just in... Brian Lowe posts article about 3rd Grade Call Maritime Coach!!! Is this a soft spot for "drek rugby"?

Hardly. Hypocrite Lowe routinely writes about his 3 good friends who coach(ed) at lower levels...

Ed Roberts, D-II Cal Maritime
Jeremy Ognall, D-II Clarmont
Gary Lane, D-II Arizona State

He also always makes time for his Aussie Rugby League friend Geoff Mason at University of South Carolina.

Bowel...try this "place index finger onto temple (much like when you point that gun at your head) and say the word RED backwards"...what network are Stewart and Colbert on...DER

Have you South Carolina play?
If you had, then you'll see why most RL coaches don' make it in union.

Rugby league sucks period - convicts and north England pie munchers!

Come on guys, nothing wrong with league.
Guys who can't get a college degree need a game to play as well you know!

Jack, Come on...your public schoolboy blazer is showing...

Now that sir, is hilarious

Me, public schoolboy?

In the words of Roger Daltrey, "I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth".

Well, he reserves his real contempt for D3. I guess D2 is acceptable.*

*College rugby only. Senior players below the D1 level are also "drek".

Jack, at least you had spoons...all we had was a handful of cold gravel...and were happy for it...

Also, to be fair, ASU was a middling D1 team that was relegated due to SCRFU contraction, dominated SoCal's D2 for two years, earned promotion to D1 and then leapfrogged that to the CPL.

And Ognall only coached at the D2 level for one year, earned pomotion to D1, won a national championship (and as much as Lowe refuses to accept the legitimacy of lower division national championships, it does suggest that they were pretty good at this level), and then also took a stab at the CPL. Considering the four Claremont colleges only have about 2300 male students (and Harvey Mudd tends not to be a major contributor towards sports teams), that's really quite an impressive feat.

Just would like to say the Mr. Johnson from the Midwest Congress answered back in a professional manner and gave me a lot background information as to how we got into the position we are now. All of us need to settle down and try to help rugby grow locally, its not going to happen on its own. We don't need adminstrators to tell us to get a local youth program going. Its on us people.

Alex, you are a tool. Mr Johnson as you call him is the perfect example of the type of Congress person holding USAR back. He is a big fat proxy vote for Kevin Roberts.

For you to take the bait that "we need" to do stuff and "its on us" you are a fool. No shit its on us!

The US rugby membership has been growing at 15% a year for 20 years because its on us. We've had teams in 50 states for 20 years because its on us. Championships at several levels because of the hard work of the membership. National teams the same.

This administration comes along, raises dues, wastes $7m in free IRB grants, over pays a CEO by half, and basically gets f*uck all accomplished...then tells us "we need to get going, its on us".

Just haul ass back from wherever you came from. We were slowing making more headway before you arrived.

The next fool who tells me to keep paying dues for nothing in return, and to get to work, better be wearing a mouth-guard.

Did anyone see the headline on ARN "Roberts Steps Down"? Man my heart skipped a beat.

So, for some reason I've been called out in the past couple of gainline posts as being anything from an apologist to a foreigner. That's fine...completely incorrect, but fine. I generally take anything from the blogging community with a grain of salt, because, for the most part, it's filled with armchair warriors who would rather have everything done for them (you know the type...those that are never there to line the pitch, have never coached a team, have never refereed) than actually step up an get into the action themselves. That...or they're the type of person who'd be a third man in, throwing a punch from over someone else's shoulder.

I don't mind being attacked by someone like that, with or without my mouthpiece in.

There is, however, no need to attack Alex. He contacted me 9 days ago, and I had failed to respond to him until today.

Your assumption on what I told him, and the assumption that I'm "nothing more than a proxy for Kevin Roberts" are completely wrong and baseless. That I didn't put my name on a letter where the requestor refused to tell me the origins of the piece doesn't make me against the idea behind it. It means I didn't want to sign something that would turn out to be written by someone with ulterior motives. There are plenty of little soap operas and power struggles going on within the USA Rugby Congress, and unless it's a struggle that's about USA Rugby's direction, and how it impacts the members, I don't want to be part of it.

My contact information is on www.midwestrugbyunion.org, if you'd like to email me directly.

The stuff that goes on in the blogs are pretty interesting. Sometimes I think it's a good thing, sometimes it's pure comeday.

I've made attempts to explain things, from a TU perspective, in the form of a letter to ARN...but was told it was too lengthy, and wasn't submitted as an op-ed. Maybe that's the way to go. Is it more important to keep the 15 active bloggers happy, or to make sure the members of the Midwest are satisfied with the choices we make?

Either way, don't bash Alex. He was doing his duty as a interested member, in contacting each of his three Midwest reps. I failed him in not responding for a week and a half.

...and no, I didn't tell him it was all on "you guys" to get everything right. I explained the governance of the BOD, as it's written, directed him to Guidestar so he could do some of his own research, and gave him my view on the issues he raised.

Although the point is ridiculous, for the uninformed, I'm born and raised in Iowa. And I'm not a pushover vote. That I don't speak up at the dog and pony shows, with the power points and lovemarks, doesn't mean that I don't speak up. I just choose to do so when I feel I'll actually be heard.

Pick your moments and choose your battles wisely. We'll see how this shakes out after Dallas.

Jeremiah Johnson

USAR Finances can be found if your willing to look at Guidestar.org.
IRB money pays for Nigel etc. They get to call the shots on who is hired as they pay the salary with HP money.
CIPP money goes to pay for national championships etc, internal championships etc.
Remember IRB money bailed USA Rugby out. Jack Clark got lucky when he got the 10m. Murdock was buying out every union in the world as it went professional not because he was a genius.
What about the guys who screwed up the great Budweiser deals back in the 80's. Screwed over the biggest beer company for Stein Lager. Budweiser will never forget or forgive.
Dan Lyle wants his job back. He and JC undermined USAR sponsorship deal with National Guard......took away the jerseys and gear for HS and college teams for their own selfish reason.
Why is it that Ed Haggerty, Dan Lyle(posts reg on here) and Goff all work for the same guy who desperately wants to be on the board?
Why was the IRB critical of the Vegas sevens? Hey Dan how did you screw up so many flight schedules and long lay-overs.Field size issues etc No wonder you got fired by USAR.

"Why was the IRB critical of the Vegas sevens?"

Could you provide a link? I'm curious to read that.

I have a nursery rhyme and a song I have been working on for the last couple years, but am stuck. Need some help.

The fair Queen Mother, given herm druthers, prefers his rugby on the Poxy Islands. Then along came a spider and sat down beside him and frightened that po*f c*nt away.

It's time...
time for the roaming gnome to come home...
time for the roaming gnome to come home...

I know Lyle and have seen Clark in action and have been the recipient of nothing but real dollars from Prusmack "the want to be board member and owner of the Alex and Ed show (paraphrase)"
Ok, Lyle and Prusmack with the rest of there team have put on live network tv one and now two rugby events. They have raised sponsorship from almost a dozen blue chip sponsors all along giving the most money to USA Rugby and many other organizations including sponsoring most of the military club teams, AA Team, etc. Do they have business principles, yes, do they expect a return, yes, would any of them be good board members, absolutely. Inside story is they do not want to be.
When is a good time to speak if not at the Congress meetings, if not to go on record with letters and submitting names for new baord members. I think this is an active pursuit to or for the growth of rugby and the business they are trying to build right?
Fringe, you are ill informed and write drivel, the folks you criticize are doers, they may not do everything you like or the way you want it, but they put their names to things and stand up for them.
Jeremiah, you should be better than you are, your volunteer position and ability should be used to ask questions and get results. Don't sign a letter if you think it to be wrongly motivated, but stand up for or against the lovemarks posturing as you say it.

Thanks for the insights Bruce. Now do a podcast about it.

is this thee bruce mclane..


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