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23 April 2010


Sadly, OMBAC Rugby knew they would be heading down this path nearly two years prior. A schism by divided factions on their rugby board is creating a debacle on the field and among the teams. Equally pathetic is the fact that the team is gifted 10s of thousands of dollars each year from the parent club. With these contributions, they still can't manage to parlay that into a competitive team. Current and potential Eagles no longer want to play there and there is no youth program affiliated with the club to provide next generation players.

So sad indeed.....

I don't get it.They have over 100 players cipped and they can't field a side this weekend?

Strange, the slide for OMBAC...looks more like an implosion?

More dirt please, inquiring minds want to know.

120+ CIPP'd and only 35 max to training on Tues & Thurs. Morale is at an all time low. Think of anything involved with running a successful rugby club in the USA and its not happening like it should at OMBAC>>>>


Tell us why. Is it coaching? That really seems to be the only possible explanation. So the short term solution seems simple-get a new coaching staff.

If it's something else, what? One would think that the simple fact that SDSU is there and graduating a dozen or so players every year would give OMBAC a good recruiting base. If those players aren't playing for the team, why is that?

This is one of the most prestigious senior rugby programs in this country. Someone should be able to fix this.

perhaps the old boy support that was assisting players with expenses or providing monthly stipends, jobs etc has dried up with the economy.

I suspect those clubs that either invested in building youth,HS and college program connections and teams in cities not as affected by economy(NYC) or teams like Life(their situation is unusual) will become the front runners for the next 2-3 years as things settle out.

coach & College -

Both your points are among the many symptoms. The last credible coach who knew what he was doing brought the club an RSL ring in '06 (Eddie Pollock). He was a great teacher, analyst, and leader to whom everyone responded. Everyone since has tried real hard and put the time in but are clearly not the same caliber as EP. There is more to be told, but the two issues you raised were key rocks thrown into the pond that caused a ripple effect. Suffice it to say that the people who give of themselves the most (the players) are being misguided by a small minority with flawed agendas.... Sound familiar???

Did the RSL award a forfeit win to Chicago and give Griffins a 5 point win?

I have heard about the forfeit win scenario but not from a reliable source.

OMBAC shouldn't travel to Chicago anyway.

Their Div3 team just won a spot in the sweet 16 to be held in Austin. Any cash on hand should go to that side and not toward a now meaningless RSL trip.

what do the past two years of rugby super league say to the commoner? national leagues are not susstainable - no matter what the format? mixed messages from leaders stating that RSL is important as a brand,etc....I give this league one more year and it will have run its course in the USA capitalist economy...no socialism here boys..

USArFU continues its successful, incremental dismantling of the game.
Only a couple more years to go before unforeseen circumstances produces an implosion. This will of course herald in the savior to the bankrupted USArFU, the FoMRFL.

It will only cost your club a 20,000 bond (non-refundable) and the dues structure will be in place only until the league gets "off its feet".

"This is an incredible opportunity to produce professional rugby in America, on the heels of the successful World Cup and Olympic 7's marketplace".

"It is a no-brainer, a real opportunity".
"This is a win/win for everyone involved", claims Mr .......... interviewed poolside at The ........ Hotel, sipping a pina colada with Mr. ......... and two well tanned young men.

BTW There's a Pommie sitting in a key decision-making role on OMBAC Rugby's exec board. Not a slam against all Poms/foreigners - just him. Very narrow-minded and unrespected among OMBAC admin, players, and old boys.

It amazes me how much stock our domestic rugby powerbrokers place in foreign/commonwealth viewpoints. The American rugby game, the American athlete, the American youth landscape, and the American sports commercial market is best understood by......Americans.

What makes him even more of worthless Pommie was when he was the US coach he let the foreign players coach the team because he knows...nothing.

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