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02 April 2010



Your highlights of USA Rugby to execute a strategic plan is useless. USA Rugby is running around with their hair on fire and you are telling them how hot the flames are. The organization has been in full scramble mode for a few years now. Hence, the only strategic planning is to fake it till you make it. This plan rarely works.

The only sign of improvement at USA Rugby is Melville's bank account.

We have paid him over a million in compensation for what exactly. Really, what has he done ? Recently renewed a gum shield deal that has been in place for years.

Well done chap.

Some match results from the PCRFU playoffs:

St. Mary's stomped Oregon
UC Davis beat Chico State

It was pissing down rain the whole time, usually sideways. The first game was more of a spectacle than the second. The final will be tomorrow at 3:00p, and the winner becomes the USA #11 seed.

Also tomorrow: a touring side from Napier Boys High School (New Zealand), playing a selection from East Palo Alto/San Mateo/Hayward (6:30p at Stanford).

What is the point of having the CC in England leading up to the WC. Shouldn't the CC be used as a promotional tool leading up to the WC to gain some interest in the tournament?

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