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10 February 2010


Example 496 proving Nigel Melville doesn't get it. BTW, nice business oversight by the USAR Board.

$275,000 in salary just doesn't buy what it use to.

The IRB and USAR in a rugby gambling investment. Who the f*ck is in charge of this piece of work???

The IRB isn't in this investment scheme, just the dumbshits at USAR. I bet the IRB will have a cow when they find out though. How can these guys be so stupid? Its not even like there is somebody with a bunch of cash on offer. Just a non-rugby whack job trolling for money. If it wasn't so sad you'd have to laugh at these fools.

Why would the IRB be mad at anything Nigel and Co. does? We keep hearing that he is our CEO because the IRB wants him in that position and we have to do what the IRB says in order to keep geeting welfare grants from them.

If Tatham's rights to the club and collegiate 7s have lapsed, what is he left with? My understanding of the contract (which I have only seen a draft of posted on this site) was that he had exclusive rights to any professional 7s competition iun the US. If this is what he is promoting, I suppose we would want someone with USAR to be on their Board, right? After all, this is the guy who wanted to play 5 v 5 or 6 v 6 or something like that in an arena football sized facility.

Frankly, I'm sick of all this stuff. The USCRA, Tatham, everything. Rugby is no longer fun to me. I recently made this comment to a respected rugby friend of mine and he told me to get out and ref a high school game to help me remember what we all love about this sport. I plan to do that in a couple of weeks. I just hope I'm not confronted with an issue of college kids playing on high school teams or something else we've manufactured that is ruining the game in this country...

1000 bucks on Nigel to cut & run just before the IRB drops the grants to USA Rugby, which will be right after the Eagles crash out of the 2011 WC without a win. A new set of clowns will step in.


Is there something to the uscra blatantly copying the all-american shield for its logo? I guess because that was the genesis of the movement? It can't be completely innocent or coincidence. It does look pretty nice though.

The logo lacks any nod to rugby or collegiate athletics. It looks like clip art. Pretty weak in my opinion.

Scott Lawrence discusses the HS all american program, HP and the U-20 program on www.ruggamatrixusa.com

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