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02 April 2008


Well said...

As discussed here and many other places before, the biggest issue facing a new American coach is convincing "elite" athletes to play for free! Or at least not have to pay for expenses. I've seen so many former college football players (some DI) show up for training, enjoy the sport but never come back when dues is brought up!

Kurt, how long before the Union's big brass knock this good stuff out of him and have him patting us on the top of the head, like Thorburn?

Preach on, brother...

I for one am excited. Johnson seems like not only a great coach, but an understanding one. One who will understand that the non-contracted players have huge sacrifices to make.

Hopefully he'll have a little better eye for talent and not allow the people who are gifted with "the look" or the "reputation" too many chances, and awards those chances to a true "gamer" who deserves it.

This article puts things in a nutshell very well. Kudos for finding the right words just like Johnson.

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