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14 January 2008


Does anyone have an example of a USA Rugby press release that isn't one or more of the following, inaccurate, incomplete, confusing or self-indulgent ?

Who writes these releases and who approves of their distribution?

The beguiling press releases are to make it appear they have their act together. They also release sensitive releases on Fridays at 5PM so they can minimize the distribution and hope negative responses will be diluted over the weekend.

Everything USA Rugby does as an air of desperation to it, which can only mean they are desperate. They must be keenly aware that someone can steal the whole show right from under them. One money man could create a professional league outside of USA Rugby with a 5 to 10 million dollar investment. This is chump change compared to what investors spend on sports leagues around the world. Same goes for college rugby. One money man could create a college league with the 12 top teams and I do not believe USA Rugby has many options.

Who cares if these leagues are not sanctioned by USA Rugby, they would be the best playing the best and if they could get it on TV and played in nice facilities it would have a chance to prosper.

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