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10 October 2006


Oh, my!! What ever will the Pacific and West unions do? Since they can't rob the kids anymore; I guess banks and old ladies should be on the lookout. I'm really starting to like the new USA Rugby.
Maybe they'll even issue the Eagles a respectable kit now. (the current kit is atrocious)

I still find $20.00 per high school child ridiculous. It falls upon USA Rugby to find realistic sponsorship to eliminate the need for taxing the kids who are the future of the sport.
My suggestion: 8 professional teams ala the XFL. What rugger would not play professionally for $50,000.00 per year. There are enough established prosperous clubs out there to take the next step. Someone at USARFU should approach Ted Turner or Vince McMahon with a business plan to televise the matches. The NFL was a local sport until TV made it the national billion dollar business it is today.

Why should USA Rugby be solely responsible for raising your funds? A serious problem arises when blame is placed on others for not having funds to line fields, get post pads, pay for travel, kit, etc. The money is out there but few clubs actually do anything to go after it. Going for the grand slam the first time at bat is not the answer. Big $$$ will come in time if the club(s) is established in the community and/or region. It starts with the simple things: clean up the language (think and speak constructively) to attract fans, educate the community, contact local media before the season and each match, submit your scores--especially when you lose. How do you think the NFL went mainstream? It wasn't just TV (that didn't hurt) but players, coaches, referees, and other volunteers willing to sacrifice time and money in order to have future gain. Will our legacy be one of squandered opportunities and political infighting, or will we be able to sit back one day and say "I helped build USA Rugby into a dominant organization"? It falls on all of us to obtain sponsorship and community support for the greatest game in the world.

$20 is ridiculous?!? That's the cost of 3 meals at McDonalds. Or three hours of work at minumum wage. That's not asking a huge amount of someone, even someone of very little means.

Thanks for making this info public Kurt. Like The Beaver, I'm also starting to like what I see from the new board as well.

For too long people have told us that it's only $10 or it's only $20 so just pay up and be happy. Thanks to Reality for playing that role today. Many will claim that TU's and LAU's have the right to enforce dues on their members and no one can challenge that right whether services are provided in return for the funds or not. I challenge that.

Mr Coppinger claims that the reason the Pacific Coast decided to charge youth $10 per head 3 years ago is because they were mandated to create rep sides and organize playoffs by USA Rugby. Let me set him straight: there is no such mandate from USA Rugby, there is no Pacific Coast high school rep side and there are no Pacific Coast HS playoffs. What’s more the youth administrators from Oregon, Washington, Northern California and Arizona agreed that they did not want the Pacific Coast to provide these services. Eventually the Pacific Coast refunded 80% of the funds collected and it seems highly unlikely that several states will participate in this scheme any longer now that USA Rugby isn’t there to enforce collection.

What we have found is that each time USA Rugby increases the CIPP by $10 then Oregon Youth Rugby writes a check for about $7,000 and sends the money out of state. Each time the Pacific Coast initiates a $10 tax then Oregon Youth Rugby writes another check for about $7,000 and sends that money out of state. You get the idea. Those $10 sure add up quick. It’s not a discussion over whether $10 or $20 per person is a lot of money or not. The discussion is where that $20 is best spent. In Oregon we have determined that the best place to deliver services to Oregon teams is from a base in Oregon. Not from Seattle, Washington or San Francisco, California.

I applaud the new board of USA Rugby for finally deciding to play the true role of the National Governing Organization that they are supposed to be as a member of the US Olympic Committee. For too long some of the board decisions seemed to support the interests of TU’s rather than what is best for the sport. Now it looks as though USA Rugby is actually LEADING. Three Cheers!

Jeff, you echo my sentiments exactly. Indiana high school rugby sends close to $20,000.00 per year to Colorado, which could be better used here in State. I hope the new board members begin to recognize what we (volunteer) coaches are doing here, while trying to keep the game affordable for every kid.

I am rebutting the concept that $20 is of modest means to anyone. It is when you are talking about a TEAM and especailly one assocated with a High School or a Youth Sports Club. We can only charge no nmore $100 per player for an entire season and must include the CIPP. There are a lot of expenses to cover. I give each player a ball. You have no idea how much that alone generates excitement and new interest. we also need jerseys, equipment, referees, club dues etc. Every organization wants to know what the CIPP gets them, it does not get the schools or Youth Clubs much if anything. The CIPP for youth clubs shoujld be NO MORE THAN $5. This is the future we need to invest in the future not the present when taking $ from youth sports. Now if USARugby would like to provide real help to youth teams I would listen, we need coaching assitance, books, DVD's, manuals, season plans, practice plans, guides to each age, on and on. All things USA Rugby could provide. We as coaches have to go find it and re-invent the wheel every time we are setting up a new program. SOme of us help each other. If we give USARugby so much money then we need to get something back other than a national team.

The vote has not yet been taken regarding lowering the dues for high school players. As a commissioner for a boys and girls rugby club, I can tell you that the $20.00 fee is so exorbitant that it has cost us players. With all that in mind, we were disgusted when a u19 player of ours had to leave the U19 National team because he couldn't afford the travel costs that were heaped upon him. No one came to his aid so he left the team. Shame on USA Rugby.

At a cost of $10 per player, our local parks and recreation department covers their youth leagues with a umbrella liability policy for all volunteers plus provides the player with a $10k supplimental health insurance policy. This policy can also be used as primary insurance if the youth is uninsured. That means no kid gets left behind in athletics... So, as a director of the local rugby league, why shouldn't I simply fold my program into hte local parks and recreation department and take advantage of these benefits (at half the costs)?

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