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22 August 2006


I can understand the deal at the Home Depot Center was not beneficial but someone tell me why moving this event to a baseball stadium in a city of 1.5 million, from a soccer stadium in a city of 15 million is going to draw more fans?


It is NOT about the population center, it is about the venue being in a destination locale.

Petco is right downtown. Walking distance to hotels, bars and resturants. The Gaslight district will become a rugby village that weekend, unlike the event at the Home Depot center. Sure the facility was great, but it was in CARSON, with nothing else around.

I am excited to have the 7s here in San Diego, and I look forward to seeing all you come to the event.

I'm sure "Captain American" will fix that problem as he did such a great job with USA Rugby and the last 7's tournament or any other rugby event.

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